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Why you aren’t seeing sales on your IG

*Babe, you deserve to have sales inbetween your launches too

I see you. You’re pumping out as much value as you can into your IG account. You work really hard on the look of it, you plan photoshoots at home on your self timer, you’re constantly researching new reel ideas. And don’t even get me started on hashtags, am I right?

So, how come it feels like there are all of these other women in your stories killing it… yet you feel like unless you’re doing a heavy launch, the sales don’t even exist?

It’s not like you’re asking for 100’s of sales, even if you could just have steady amounts of people reaching out in between your launches, you’d be happy.. right?

(PS- before we dive in.. 100s of sales are available for you. You get to choose your reality)

The problem is, just putting value out there on your account doesn’t actually move the needle forward in your business. Shocking + hard to hear, I know.

I’m not saying you can’t provide value or you “shouldn’t”… it’s just not the content that will actually create income for you. It’s not the content that has people landing your DMs asking to work with you.

Stories + Transformations are the dialed in pieces of content that will completely transform your IG account into a lead machine.

Notice how I didn’t say ads.

Hearing this can feel a bit like maybe you should just burn all of your content to the ground and start fresh… put down the matches babe. This is a very small shift in your content, you’re on the right track… it’s just small changes to what you’re already doing.

Small changes with massive impact.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of posts online, and to think you need to be doing things differently. There was a time period in my account where I got lost watching others and thought: well I must need to share more posts with tips, I must need to go live more randomly with free classes, I must need to up my engagement and get more people commenting. So, I followed the rabbit hole. Guess what? I was spending HOURS upon hours on my social media… and my sales actually went DOWN. So, I started scrambling… and tried to throw more at it. More value. More lives. More saveable posts. More stories. More more more. And again, guess what happened? It felt like fucking crickets out there.

After pulling myself out of my pity party, I had a moment in my journal with my coffee where it all clicked for me. Go back to what you were doing. Less is more. People learn through stories, they have transformations by being in your energy. Stop giving your power away. You’ve had record breaking months where you’ve only posted once during the entire month. You know what you’re doing, you have to trust in that.

And so I did what I do best, took the pressure cooker lid off. Showed up in my stories with transformations that day… and from that story I signed 3 x 1 on 1 clients.

It doesn’t have the be the worlds juiciest transformation. It doesn’t have to be a million dollar story. It doesn’t have to be the most aesthetically pleasing story either (although we do love good branding).. it just has to be real.

To get started with this today, what’s a transformation you’ve had recently in your business you can open up and share about? And instead of putting on your teacher hat… how can you just share the story.. of where you were, to where you are now.

Start today. Trust yourself. You have the most amazing stories + transformations within you to share.

And, if you need help taking this all to the next level.. I’m looking to work 1 on1 with a certain kinda boss babe, maybe that’s you?

*She’s the kinda woman who has created a beautiful business, but she know’s she made for more and dreams of the multi 6 figure + 7 figure levels

*She’s looking for systems and support that will allow her to drop out of the hustle

*She’s ready for it to happen now, not a year from now

*And she’s willing to do what it takes because she knows it’s time for a change

If that sounds like you, send me a DM and let’s chat.

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