Simple + Sophisticated Business Apps

I like to keep things simple, you don't need really fancy apps and systems to build a highly successful business.  To be honest, I see alot of business owners in a day procrastinate and waste precious time trying to have the right apps set up for everything.  I use very minimal apps in my business, below are my top recommendations for you.

Disclaimer: I received affiliate income if you use my links listed below.  Thank you for supporting the time + energy it takes to produce content weekly.  You know what the smart thing is to do? Share platforms you love (maybe it's the ones I love below) and earn your own affiliate income.


Taking Payments Online

Here's what you want to simplify this: a system that can process credit cards and PayPal (your clients want to feel safe submitting payments on your website, this helps with that).  It's also important that when someone buys-- they're automatically emailed a confirmation link + your product (if it's a digital thing- like courses, pdfs etc).  You don't want to be messing around having to send that out later to people.  Make it simple for people to buy with you!  I use Kajabi, and if you use my affiliate link below you can get a 30 day trial

Creating Courses

You want something that doesn’t take you a ton of time to build, and is really easy for your clients to use as well when they log in.  Are there cheaper alternatives to this?  Yes, you will have to DIY it and it’s alot of work to maintain that, making sure all of your links are working properly, and it’s going to suck your time dry.  I am all about efficiency— save yourself time.  Get paid for your beautiful courses.  Keep it simple.  I use Kajabi to facilitate this, use the link below to get a 30 day free trial

Planning Social Media

Content is currency, if you plan your social media... you're more likely to show up.  This also helps me create a consistent overall look to my account (I am all about a good aesthetic).  Planoly is hands down my fav app to use for this, I use the paid version of planoly because it saves me time.  Use the link below to get set up!

Sending Emails

Collect email address' for your newsletter, grow your email list, stay in touch with your subscribers with the prettiest emails ever.  Honestly, I should have switched to flodesk sooner.  They are so cost effective and they just get it when it comes to online marketing.  It's SUCH an easy platform to use (buh bye mail chimp)

Use the link below to get 50% off your services

Pretty Filters

There's nothing I love more than an instagram account that visually looks put together... having a consistent filter over top of all of your photos helps make this SO much easier!  Use the link below to grab my filters I use on my account, along with instructions on how to use them.

Contracts + Calendars

If you need to use contracts in your business, Dubsado has been a lifesaver for me.  This is where I send out electronic contracts for clients to sign.  It's easy to keep track of them all in one place.  I also put all of my appointments in this calendar (client appointments + personal) so that I never miss a beat!  Use the link below to get 20% off your first month.

VPN: Express VPN

Because its needed in todays landscape.  One word: C e n $ H or $hip, and the fact that I have to type it like that says it all.