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hey girl, I'm Brittney

I used to read coaches about me pages, hoping to see some part of myself in their story…  almost as if it were a confirmation that if they came from similar circumstances as me, that  meant all the success might be possible for me too. 

Have you ever felt like that? 

I always knew I was meant for big things, I always knew I wanted to live a big life… I’ve been an  over achiever at heart my entire life. I was the one in group projects in school who always did  the entire project, I worked 3 jobs during university, was a straight A get the  picture. 

Even though I knew I wanted a big life for myself, I lacked the confidence for a long time. I was successful but, not too successful.


One of the biggest questions on my mind for the longest  time at the beginning was, how do you know for sure if it’s meant for you? How do you know  the 6 figure, 7 figure income is possible for you?

About a year into growing my online business, I took my first coaching program, it’s like the lid  was blown wide open and for the first time -- I had set some real goals for myself. These weren’t  just fun little cut outs from a magazine I was slapping together for a vision board “hoping” it  might come true someday… these were goals. And guess what happened?


I started checking those goals off one by one, and fast. 

I went from 2k months to 20k months in what felt like overnight.


Met the most incredible business friends + started traveling the world with them.


Signed for my dream condo.

Bought a Range Rover.

Was booked out for big speaking gigs across North America.

And through it all, I just wanted more women to understand what gets to be possible for them. 

Because if the women who went before me, had never taken a moment to be brave + openly  share about their incomes online… I know hands down I wouldn’t be here today. 

Because Brittney, that little small town girl, had no idea this kind of life was possible.  

I want you to know you don’t have to hide your big goals from me… because you do that a little bit, don’t you? You cut the income goal in half when you tell ppl close to you.. because of that look you get.

For a long time online, I felt: 


* Confused on how to reach the next level, because I had taken so many classes and courses it was overwhelming to sort through 


* Burned out, because I thought the only way to keep growing was to work harder and harder


*Full of doubt, I spent a lot of time in my head wondering if I was truly cut out for this


*And lonely, because there wasn’t many friends in my day to day life who I could share this kinda stuff with

Today though, my life looks completely different… and I feel immense gratitude every single day + I make well over half a million a year, and work less than I ever did before + I’m never worried about where the next client is coming from, because I have the most  beautiful systems in both the masculine + feminine energy

+  I have the most incredible team here at CEO HQ, and somedays I can’t believe I have assistants (that felt like such a distant dream before) 

+ I have traveled to the most beautiful 5 star resorts with my business friends, and FaceTime with them on a regular basis

Brittney with LV.jpeg

And the truth is, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s cliche to say… and my life has changed in every way from this work.

If you’re here reading this, I want you to know it’s not a coincidence in my world.


And if you’re reading an about page deciding if you want to take the leap to hire me or join one of my  programs... you know deep down what you already want to.


I’m here to tell you that we’re about to blow the lid off what you ever thought was possible too.


Take a deep breathe, remind  yourself of your power… and let’s do this babe.

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