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Tips for redoing your home office and spicing up that work from home life ✨❤️

I think everyone can agree that after the year we have just add, we all are looking to spice up our home offices a bit. I am beyond thrilled with how my home office makeover has turned out + I am so excited to finally break down the decor for you guys.

Hot tip: if the space you're working in feels expansive, you're going to work from a completely different energy, and your results will reflect this. I have had the most creative downloads since transforming my space, I am more productive than ever, and I crave spending time in this office right now.

I hope you find some tips here you can take and implement for yourself. It's time to give that work from home life a little makeover.

#1 I sought out the expertise of one of my fav interior designers, Cait. You can find her on instagram at @beautifullybianco . She has helped me with many projects in my place but by far, this office space has been my all time fav.

#2 I wanted to create a space that felt mature but fun. The bar cart + neon light were the perfect elements for this. On your bar cart you can fill it with items that hold value to you, stationary needs, or hide your bulky printer underneath it like I've done. It's also fun to dress up your bar cart seasonally and swap out drink items as you go. I wanted my space to be functional but also a place I wanted to hang out in. And if bevvies aren't your thing, you might even want to consider creating this as a coffee cart. The neon light we grabbed is from yellow pop, I'm extremely happy with it and it was so easy to install.

#3 My sitting area: I wanted a second option for seating in my office to change up my space for live recordings for my programs and also to have a second option for my youtube channel backgrounds. I found this chair on wayfair and it was a total score. It's extremely comfy, I do alot of reading and planning from this spot. The picture frame collage on this wall also adds a special touch to the room. You could fill this with vision board photos too, another good idea for creating an expansive space.

#4 Lighting: was another key point for my office, I wanted lighting that created an entire vibe if I chose to do late night sessions in here or early mornings. The lamp creates a very warm space in the morning in the office, I grabbed this one on wayfair and spray painted the bottom white. The neon light of course, creates an entirely different vibe at night. You never know when inspo might strike, I really do believe you need lots of options when it comes to lighting if this is going to be your space where all the biz magic happens.

#5 And last but not least, is the piece I get asked about the most in my office, my beautiful wallpaper wall. This wallpaper is removable wallpaper from Rocky Mountain Decals. I found it extremely easy to put up and I even installed it by myself. The removable wallpaper is different than traditional wallpaper meaning its a sticker that you can keep moving and resuing as youd like. They have a ton of great tutorials on their instagram page that helps explain more. This wallpaper truly brings the room together and I am SO happy Cait came up with this idea to finish off the space. We added a cabinet behind my desk to store all of my business things (books, calendars, post it notes, pens etc) and I love how clutter free it keeps my space + how easy it is to turn around and grab something when I need it.

I hope this gives you some inspo for your home office. I think whatever look you decide to go with, it's important to have a separate space to work in. Know that I didn't always have this luxury, a separate space used to mean my kitchen table. I talk all about working from home tips and why it's important to have a dedicated space to work in your house here on this podcast episode. Whether thats your kitchen table or a separate room in the house, this will go a long way to helping you with the work from home fatigue + keep you inspired.

If you're new here on the blog don't forget to follow me over on insta @brittneyceo. I'd love to see your home office spaces, tag me in your stories so I can see them!

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