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My Fav Branded Stationary

There’s been a lot of questions about this ever since I shared the journals I sent the CEO Method babes and the birthday cards I ordered this year for clients.

I’m super particular about the stationary I order, and the cards I’ve created here. It costs a little more than your average order from vista print but it adds a different experience for your clients when you pay attention to some of these tinier details.

Branded Thank You Cards, Birthday Cards Etc

I do these with a raised gold foil print on them, and always choose the extra luxe paper and envelopes. They’re thicker and have this velvety feel on one side… I’ve never been so excited about branded postcards before you guys lol

I order everything from … you guys if you’re still using vista print, this switch is WORTH IT! And you can get 25% off of your first order using this link here :)

I create my graphics for these inside of canva and then load these into

When you’re inside moo, choose the super luxe postcards. They’re the ones I have loved the most and have the extra luxe coating over the card that is drool worthy.

I have these main cards on hand in my office always just incase:

Birthday Cards

Congrats/Just Because Cards

And they always have my logo on the back where you write out your nice little message!

Customized Journals

I found Lexy on Etsy by fluke… and I’m so glad we decided to order these journals from her… because they were everything! I was able to customize them for my clients by putting their name on the spine, and again use a raised gold foil on the front of the logo. I guess this whole gold piece is becoming my thing… it just looks so luxe to me. She was so helpful to work with, and I’ll definitely be ordering these again. You can find Lexy’s shop here to order your own custom journals. Tell her I sent you :)

Can't wait to see all the gorgeous stationary you create. It's a whole CEO vibe to see your logo printed on these things!

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