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Social Growth Lounge

Your monthly hub + support system to grow an audience with ease

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+ Do you feel like you never really know what you should be doing on your social media each month?  So, you just post a pic of your coffee so at least you’re showing up a little bit…



+Do you second guess yourself every time you go to post on your account?  Wondering if what you wrote was good... wondering if that picture looked okay?  You know that feeling where you just hope someone comments on it… you keep going back to refresh it hoping to see a few likes..



+Would it be a million times easier to have an exact plan to follow with your posts?  A plan where you knew you’d actually be doing the work required to see success online... one where all of the moving parts to social media are starting to make sense + feel so clear to you?


+Do you know you could be more effective with what you’re doing too? 

(How do I get more views on my stories.. and what did she do to grow her audience so quickly)

So ... how do my clients use my social media trainings to completely sell out their programs, have new clients reaching out to them all the time (instead of feeling like they need to go find them), get booked the best speaking gigs and have the coolest brands reach out to them wanting to send them products?

This isn't your typical social media training... 


Stop spending all  night trying to write the perfect caption, and stressing over the algorithm.


There's a better way to run your social media...

What if instead you could spend an hour each week planning out exactly what you need to do and get on with your week?

Introducing: The Social Growth Lounge

The only program you’ll need to elevate your results online, grow your audience quicker, and finally make sense of how to show up online (and actually see results from it) 

Introducing: The Social Growth Lounge

We've created a space where we're giving you all the practical tips and the mindset shifts required to show up online confidently + create the growth you’re looking for

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A Monthly Hub + Support System to:


+ Access my signature 5 part system that sets my clients apart online (the reason why they see success)

+ We’re walking you through exactly what you need to be doing on your social media each month to grow your account & make social media worth your time


+ Get the tools you need to thrive online & be complimented on your content over & over again


+Start making more sales from your social media


+ Drop the overwhelm of figuring out the algorithm & stay in the know with a new training each month you can access (social media changes all the time.. it’s important to keep up with it)

Grow your audience.  Create more sales from your content.  Make sense of all of the moving parts that go into showing up online.  Get a simple plan to follow.  Make a big impact

The Membership Breakdown

Each month as a member, you will get exclusive access to the following high vibe resources so that you can start magnetizing people to your account, have more people hit follow, and more people reaching out to work with you:

Monthly Training

Every month you'll get access to a new exclusive training.  These trainings will keep you in the know as social media changes, and help you stay on top of your game online. 

A Years Worth of Content

Have you ever seen that meme online that says "Tell me something harder than writing an IG caption... I'll wait"?  We get it.  That's why as a member you'll get access to a YEARS worth of content ideas to take and implement. (This is content is actually helpful... they’re not just some fluffy quotes we included to make this look attractive.  You could quite literally be set up for an entire year of posts in just a few hours.)

My Signature 5 Part System

I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs on their online presence, it’s no secret that I’m very good at it.  This 5 part system is the reason why my clients see incredible results online.  They sell out their programs from this work, have taken their business from 6 figures to 7 figures, attract clients to them vs feeling like they have to hunt them down, get booked out for very exclusive speaking engagements, have brands send them products to try and more.  I am teaching you this 5 part system inside the social growth lounge so you can take it and implement it into your own business

BONUS access to my 14 day kickstarter guide

BONUS access to my 14 day kickstarter guide.  Cut through the noise and overwhelm, overhaul your social media and take it to the next level in just 2 weeks with my simple guide walking you through what to implement over 2 weeks to start seeing more growth in your social media.

Or Upgrade to the VIP Lounge

Do you love getting access to exclusive content? 

Know that there's a lot of magic in upgrade offers and bonuses?


Upgrade to our VIP LOUNGE to:

*Save $$ on your membership

*Get access to the VIP ONLY TRAININGS


As a VIP member you'll also get access to these EXCLUSIVE bonuses listed below, not available for sale anywhere else on our website

Bonus 1: Exclusive Training: Social Media in the New Economy

(how to change your marketing in times of crisis)

Bonus 2: The Top 5 Income Streams Online: And how to get started

Bonus 3: Access to all of Brittney's filters she uses on her feed, to take and use in your own!  

Join as a VIP member, get 2 months FREE

PLUS access to the bonuses above and ALL future bonuses added

throughout the year

Join Now and get access right away

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Get started with the monthly membership for only $67/month. 

Cancel at any time.


Join as a VIP member, and get two months FREE plus access the bonus content for only $670 for the year.  Cancel at any time.


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"Having Brittney’s support was a GAME CHANGER for my business. I’ve been following Brittney for a while now and when I wanted to work on my Instagram strategy I knew she was the only person I wanted to work with. Brittney is so incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to social media - she is literally my Instagram guru and always has an answer to every single one of my (many) questions. I love how approachable and helpful she is and I know this support can’t be duplicated elsewhere. As a result of hiring Brittney I’ve gained more clients, brand deals and sought-after podcast guests. I know I will work with her again in the future to continue to evolve my social media presence and my brand/business as a whole. If you are thinking about working with Brittney, DO IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! She is the best at what she does and your brand, business and bank account will forever thank you."


- Kelly Marcyniuk

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"Brittney’s social media strategies are easy to follow and very straightforward.  They work.  And I feel confident about my social media presence because of her help.  Weekly we get calls booked and new clients come through social media.  It’s a really great feeling to show up on social media as an influencer with all of your help!  I love it! You are so good, efficient, smart and helpful.  And most of all- the strategies work!"

- Danielle Amos

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"Before working with Brittney, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of how social media worked...boy was I wrong! Through working with Brittney, I learned that our social media is so much more than some pretty pictures. There is a strategy and method that must be understood in order to make social media work for your business. I think in the back of my head I always knew this, but was too scared to approach it, fearing that I wouldn't be able to grasp how to make this work for my particular business. After one week of working with Brittney, that fear completely disappeared.  In my business today, almost all of my clients come straight through my social media and this was all a direct result of working with Brittney and learning her expertise. The amount of knowledge she has about the ever changing industry is astounding and her approach to making these methods more understandable to the average folk, makes her the absolute best in the game to work with. "

- Danielle Marchese


Say hello to your new

social media plan


What you want online is already out there for you &

now it's your job to show up for it

*Open your account to new messages every

single day from those who want to work with you

*Sell online with ease, and make social media worth your time

*Show up with confidence because you know that you're posting great content,

people love what you have to say


Meet Brittney Jones

Brittney Jones, better known as @brittneyceo online, is a global business leader who's trained thousands globally on online success.  Through her social media presence, she has built a thriving community of over 100k+ where she leads others through building online businesses. 


Brittney has built many in-demand courses, speaks to audiences at conferences worldwide and runs a weekly podcast "The Underestimate me Podcast". 


She was recently named Top Female Entrepreneur to follow for 2020.  Her approach online in the teaching space combines her business education, current strategies working in her own business' and clients alike, alongside elite-level mindset success strategies.

Why this method works...

These are the strategies we use TODAY in our businesses + brands, they aren't theories that just simply look nice on paper or strategies that are outdated from 2014 that don't work anymore in the online space.  We're out there putting ourselves in the arena with you every single day, we get where you're coming from.  And we also get that you don't have all day to spend online.

That's why we keep our system easy to follow and simple to implement.

That life you dream of: where it gets to be easy online... it exists for you.  Magnetize people to your account, let them hit follow, and pay you.  Step into the vibe where it gets to be easy, where you don't have to overthink it anymore because people truly do love your content + they're complimenting you on it daily. 

Listen, this is more than just being popular for the sake of being popular.  I know that you're here to make an impact... it's not about being popular for you.  And you definitely don't want to show off either.   

And we're going to help you with that

Here's the thing though:

You can't help more people if they don't know you exist.

So, it's time to elevate your online presence.

Get Access to Your social media plan now

With no monthly commitment.
Cancel at any time.


Or Join as a VIP member, pay upfront for the year and get
2 months free + Bonuses

We'll be covering:

  • The main platforms: Instagram and Facebook

  • How to grow your audience + followers

  • Building Confidence Online

  • Stepping into the energy of online expansion and growth

  • What it takes to manifest the social media presence you want

  • Increasing engagement

  • New trends: do I need TikTok?

  • Frequent Updates & changes as the social media landscape changes

  • How to get verified online

  • Getting results in 20 mins per day

  • Exactly what to do each month to magnetize people to you & have them pay you, offer brand deals, etc

  • And more... 

These are the manifesting principles, energy work, and practical steps you need to take each month to create your social media with ease.


Who is it for?

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We're proud of our program we've built here for you and the resources we provide.  We know that social media is overwhelming no matter if you're brand new to it or a seasoned user... that's why our program supports you know matter what level you're at.

*Those who have been working online for a while, and know they could be doing more
*Brand new business owners or brand new to social media
*Those who are curious about starting to grow their Social Media and entering the online world

Here's some examples of who this is perfect for:

  • Coaches & Consultants

  • Network Marketers

  • Brick & mortar Business

  • Makeup Artists & Beauty Gurus

  • Photographers

  • Hairdressers

  • Freelancers

  • Realtors & Finance

  • Service Professionals

  • Bloggers

  • Health and Wellness

  • Restaurants

  • E Commerce

  • And more ...

Ready to get started?

Let's do this.  Join now with no monthly commitment. 
Cancel at any time. 


Or Join as a VIP Member, Pay for a full year and get
2 months free + bonuses

Frequently Asked Questions

+If I don't have a business, is this still helpful?

Yes, what we share in this program is helpful for anyone that's looking to grow their social media presence, even if you'd like to do that without a business

+I'm in Network Marketing, is this for me?

Absolutely, this program is perfect for Network Marketers

+Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, there is no monthly commitment with the membership, you may cancel at any time.  If you join as a VIP member, it is a one time fee for the year and your membership will automatically be renewed for you each year.  You can cancel at any time before your next renewal.  Due to the nature of this material, there are no refunds.

+How does payment work?

You can use any major credit card or Paypal using our secure checkout process

+How do I access the program?

You'll be emailed your login details after purchase.  If you don't see this email, please email us at


100k+ followers

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