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How to get your next 5 clients online

Do you spend a lot of time scrolling around online? Trying to do all the things the gurus are telling you? Signing up for the free classes, working on your content, building the email list, trying to create engagement… but still feel like you’re not really moving the needle forward?

I get it, I have been there before… and I remember that time period in my business like it was yesterday. But, what if instead of having to hunt down your next client… they just showed up for you? They landed in your DMs wanting to know more, applied for your program spots, referred their friends, shouted you out on their stories?

That’s the dream right?

But, what if it was your reality?

It gets to be, and beyond just these 3 tips I’m sharing with you, I want you to know- like deeply and completely know this isn’t some far off dream. This gets to be your reality. Because it’s my reality and my clients reality too.

Start by Sharing Who It is You Want to Help

Seems pretty obvious, but this gets missed a lot online. Write a post today about why you love what you do so much and you it is you help… what are their current struggles and what gets to be possible for them when they connect with you? Do up a post today directly speaking from the heart… a lot of the times people just don’t realize what you have to offer is for them

Give a Behind The Scenes Tour Today

Jump up into your stories and share what it’s like working with you… show the behind the scenes of the course, or what the 1 on 1 coaching call is like with you. Have a service based business? Show what the appointment looks like from start to finish. Selling a product? Show the packaging + shipping… or how to use your product 3 different ways.

Share a Win

After you’ve done both of those, go back to your stories and share about a recent client win. This could be a DM screenshot, or you just jumping in the camera face to camera, talking about a client win from this week. Always exclude personal information (and ask your clients for permission to share), but talk about where the client was at before working with you, what her hesitations were to getting started and what her transformation has been over the last ________ (3 weeks, 3 months… insert the time factor here). Then, let your audience know you are now taking on 5 new clients… if you’re looking for help too, send me a dm (@brittneyceo).

Seems fairly simple but… if you’re feeling nervous at all about showing up like this, you’re not really sure what to say OR you’re feeling a tad brand new and just don’t have those client testimonials to share yet—— send me a DM. I wanna be here to help you, @brittneyceo on IG. If you’re ready to take this beyond just a few post prompts here and need more help like this…. like creating a consistent income, tapping into a system where you can call in clients on a regular basis, or just feeling overwhelmed how to put all the pieces together online for your business, I am now taking applications for my signature coaching program where we’re going to take the guesswork out of your business and change the way you work online forever babe. (And trust me… I don’t do the whole DM 5 people a day thing. You’re going to fall in love with this system, I promise). Click here for more information or to apply for a spot.

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