*Become the CEO of your life, and create a business you're wildly obsessed with

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It's a lot easier building your business online with

someone right beside you who can show you the way.

And even though you may be questioning whether or not

you can be successful at this too,

I want you to know that if you have the desire to do more + have more

in life, you're meant to be here too.

Why do my clients see fast results?

*We focus on building a strong foundation with strategy

*and also put a big emphasis on the mindset work

It's the blend of both of these areas that produces results

I know what it's like scrolling around on Instagram

seeing Kaitlyn over there poolside, 

at the gym in the middle of the day,

seeing her build an income + lifestyle around her online business

Wondering what she's doing...

Wanting EVEN a slice of what she has...

And trust me, I get it because that used to be me.

I really wanted more, I wanted an income that could just take the heat

off of all the bills.  I didn't even care about the 10k months or fancy car at first...

I just wanted to make a normal income, something where I could live comfortably and still be able to work my own hours.

But you're not going to get there continually hiding in the background of Instagram, contemplating this "business" you want to start taking seriously.

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What if it looked like this instead...

You spend your mornings sipping your coffee slowly,

hell- you even do that from Starbucks most days because you can.

You're no longer sitting at your 9-5 desk scrolling around online

counting down the hours til the end of the day...

Instead, you're opening up your laptop to answer a few emails from your high vibe clients and heading off to the gym in the middle of the morning.

You no longer shy away from the conversations with your friends and family about how that "business of yours" is going, 

because you finally have a plan and you're confident in your path.

You have the most beautiful Instagram feed + love showing up on your account.

You work the hours you want to, and you're never wondering what you should be doing next.

You're also excited to check your bank account on the regular.

Amen to that sis!

Introducing: The CEO Method

Take the guesswork out of your business, and change the way you do biz online forever.

* Never wonder again. Know exactly what you should be doing in your business & drop that hustle you're currently living in.


*Get the roadmap you need. For a very long time in business I felt like I was throwing spaghetti at the wall just hoping that it would stick.  I knew when I got connected to a training program from someone who has been there before and walked that path to success, I'd get the plans I needed to create results in my business


*Take the leap forward. Sometimes taking this step of investing in ourselves is that push forward we need, the missing link that helps us uplevel to the business owner we know we are capable of being.


You know you were made for more, and it's time to step into that babe.

And give your business that cash injection

The CEO Method is a 16 week program designed to take the guesswork out of your business and give you the step by step guidance to build your online empire.

Whether you're brand new and just starting out or you're a business owner looking to take your biz to those consistent cash months, this program is for you.

16 weeks of guided support: We have specifically curated this program to help you progress through the modules over the course of 16 weeks.  You have lifetime access tho and can move at your own pace.

8 Impactful Online Modules: These are the training modules paired along with the program to help you master each step you need in your strategy to build your business. You'll be able to start implementing these immediately and you have lifetime access to the modules so you can refer back to them again and again.

Expert Advice When You Need It: As you progress through the modules, you'll be able to submit your work to have an expert set of eyes from our team review your progress, give you feedback, and answer your questions!

Video + PDF downloads: All inside the online program for you, this is work my clients come back to regularly in their business, it's the foundations that continues to propel them forward.  And you get lifetime access to the content

Bonus Access

*How to Choose The Right Online Biz for You:

This exclusive training is designed for those who don't have their business idea picked out yet or are having a hard time choosing

*My 6 Figure Income Planner:

one of my exclusive tools to help you map out your income and get you closer to that Gucci bag

*Bi-Weekly Action Planner:

We're helping you stay on track so that you never wonder what you should be working on next

The Investment



Payment plan option,

5 payments of $444

*You will be given access to the program immediately upon purchase

Become the CEO of your life and business. 


You deserve to be here.


The Modules Breakdown

Each step in the strategy is broken down for you with high vibe video content and downloadable workbooks to help you stay on track!

*Module 1: Orientation + Welcome 

we're getting clear on your vision here,

and what you need in order to be successful in business, setting up your workspace, routines of the successful, and creating your big vision here

*Module 2: The Mindset Foundation

This is an intro to the manifesting game and mindset work that will carry you in business.  We're looking at all the fears that start coming up: money fears, fears of showing up, fears of failure.. and removing them to clear the pathway

*Module 3: Your Business Foundations

In this session, we are getting crystal clear on your message, how you'll share your business online, who your dream clients are, what's going to make you stand out online and more

*Module 4: Creating Your Beautiful Biz

I know you want that really well put together brand, the beautiful instagram account, the website you're proud to show off to your friends and family... we're covering all of that here to set you up for success

*Module 5: Finding Your Confidence and Motivation 

We're removing any blocks and fears you have here about sharing your business, and working on your money mindset... hello financial abundance!  

*Module 6: Outlining Your Offers 

We're getting clear here on exactly what you're offering for products and services, how to create a website that supports consistent sales (hello pay day) and magnetizing clients to you

*Module 7: Never Feel like You're Selling  

I think most of my client's fears when it comes to selling is: they just don't want to come across as "that person".  They don't want to feel like they have to push their products on others, or force sales.. I hear you.  I don't want to feel like that either.  Learn my sales techniques that leave me feeling like I'm never really selling.

*Module 8: How to Work with Clients + Long Term Success

In this session, we're going through my best practices for working with all of your clients now that you've created this dream pool of raving fans!  We're also talking about how to continue to build upon your success.


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"Working with Brittney was probably the smartest and scariest decision I have ever made. Taking ownership of our lives is super scary and hiring the right person to help you is even scarier. Luckily after following Brittney for a bit I knew she was the right fit. Her energy and personality was something I could see being an asset to my life and business. 

I originally hired her to help me with a network marketing business I had started that wasn’t going the way I had hoped. After working with her I started to dream bigger and create bigger aspirations. She helped me through the unknown and allowed me to really take control of my own reality. 

I am now creating the business of my dreams and continue to work along side with Brittney. She is so raw and authentic and isn’t afraid to put your money where your mouth is. 

Brittney takes you under her wing and walks along with you as you go through the same steps that have brought her success. 

I am so grateful to have found a mentor who wants just as much for me if not more for me then I have ever imagined. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Brittney to up-level your business and life I highly recommend you do so. I promise you won’t regret it."

- Samantha Schaub


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"I would still be stuck and confused in this online world of biz if it wasn't for Brittney’s expertise and mentorship in her program. Not only are the tools she provides timeless and effective, the strategy and mindset work that goes along with it has helped me excel as an entrepreneur. After completing her program I feel more confident in my content, more clear in my messaging and I’ve seen an increase in my revenue from implementing the work. If you are in the need of business growth and want to positively transform the way you’re doing business, signup with Britt, it will be the best move you make.."

- Steph Strugnell


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"Working with Brittney on my social media was an incredible experience.  I am so grateful for her help.  She's simplified my instagram strategy and helped me get incredible results."

- Danielle Marchese



You have a business but don't have an exact plan to follow to create consistent income

You don't have a business yet but also want to create a freedom based life

You're working long hours at our laptop burning yourself out needing that ease and flow to continue to grow your business

You're ready for that cash injection in your biz, to change the way you work online so you can make more money, create more of an impact, and remove the guesswork

You're ready to create that beautiful well put together business, one that you're proud to show off

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Let's Skip ahead a few months...

Here's what I want for you inside of The CEO Method...

Results You're Obsessed With:

In both your business and lifestyle.  Imagine not even noticing its pay day anymore... or walking into the store & not even checking the price tag.  You spend a few hours each morning working with your dream clients + then log off to grab a Starbucks on your way to  barre class.  Pure bliss right?  In The CEO Method, we're showing you the exact steps you need to take to create consistent profitable months in your business

Never Guess What You Should Be Doing Next:

Stop worrying about where your next client is going to come from, or spending time chasing a never ending to do list in your biz.  This program is just as much about taking the busy work off of your plate so you can step into that version of you who is making more money and creating more of an impact

Understand How to Create Cash Flow in Your Biz:

And get on with building that freedom based lifestyle.  Take off in the middle of a Tuesday for the beach, book that trip last minute without needing to ask for time off, go out shopping for the day, donate to causes that are important to you.  Drop the hustle and connect to a plan rooted in ease and flow... and results.


Let's get Started

You have options!

Pay in full options + payment plans available

Let's do this babe!


What do I get with my sign up?

Once you have registered, you'll be given your own unique login to the program dashboard.  You have lifetime access to this material and can come back to it at any point in time.  You'll also be added to our private facebook group for support during your journey.  You'll see a welcome message when you first login with instructions on what to do next!  

When does it start?

You will get access to the materials right away and you can implement at your own pace. 

How do I get access to the program?

You will be emailed your login to the program.  If you don't see this email please email us at so we can resend this for you.

How is this different from The Social Growth Lounge?

The Social Growth Lounge is specifically geared towards helping you show up on social media, to grow your following, create a consistent presence, etc.  The CEO Method is designed to help you create an income online.

Do you guarantee results?

I believe whole heartedly in my programs and I cannot guarantee results.  Each individual's results are based on their own efforts and skills.  No one can force you to do the work, you have to be willing to show up for yourself.

How much time do I need to make this work?

I know that you have a very busy life, we have specifically designed this program to help you with it.  It truly is a go at your own pace program, you can never be behind... and you always have access to the materials long term so that you can come back to it as you need to.  If you can set aside 2 hours per week to work on this material, you'll be able to implement the core teachings.

Do I have access to the materials at the end of the 16 weeks?

Yes, you have lifetime access to the content.

What if I have questions throughout the program?

This is a self paced program, the training modules are extensive.. you will get what you need through the online modules.  We have had 100 students complete the program with success.