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The new era of online business.

The Luxury
Of It All

The freedom.  The Income.  The business growth on your terms.


It's time to break away from strategies that are only producing
so-so results.. 

And build something you can rely on.

Growing your business can be done in a way that feels wildly expansive --

without having to sacrifice your time freedom.

If circling the drain on social media + trying to hold the vibe

is getting exhausting and leaving you questioning whether you really can grow a consistent reliable income ...

Then you're going to love it over here

Welcome to the new era of online business.

Brittney logo-2.png

We do business different over here.

When you have the right systems in place for YOU and your growth, paired with high level support..

Well, there's no telling how far you'll truly go.

This isn't just another course. 


This is your home for your next business elevation.  When you're plugged into a motivating group of women (like you've never seen before), given a dose of inspiration on a regular basis, AND have a place to receive support when YOU need it.. 


You just grow quicker.  Plain and simple. 

And that's exactly what you get here.

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What's included:

All of the trainings you need, PLUS a years support with Brittney inside the program.

The entire Luxury Of It All members only modules.  Breaking everything down in a simple way to implement quickly into your business: your online growth strategy. Lifetime access (can I get an amen)

Build your income and business: with passive income, social media strategies that work for you, and reliable methods. See yah never launches

Connect to the most LIT group of women on the internet: say hello to your new besties, building businesses alone is so 2022

Stay connected to the heat + motivated with: Monthly group kick off calls, weekly office hours, the inside scoop on social media updates and more!

High level support when you need it: ask your questions and get support any time you need it from Brittney directly inside our private Facebook group + private Instagram account.

Here's what to expect inside the business growth plans together

Income Planning: Where you'll learn how to build your income plan to match your goals (this is how I start the month already earning $10k, $20k, $30k), plan to take time off at Christmas, a month in the summer.  We're putting you back in the drivers seat babe.

Content Plans: This isn't your basic social media training you see everywhere else.  Spend less time online, make a bigger impact, and fall back in love with the process.  Gone are the days of being on your phone at night, and getting side comments from your husband. 

Online Course Launch Mockup Instagram Post.png

Your Income Suite: Building out the right passive income products for you, structuring your business growth to work with your goals.  We're talking payment notifications going off constantly, and building something you're proud of.

The Growth Plan: Getting a strategy in place you can rely on, and one that leaves stressful launches behind-- say goodbye to resetting the same goal month after month

Brittney logo-2.png

Time Freedom for the busy gal: We're going to streamline things, keep things organized, you'll get access to my signature 3hr work day training and more- all designed to help you implement and succeed during busy seasons of life.

Continued Success: Manifesting your next level life + business, stretching your vision beyond anything you could even imagine.  And doing it again and again.

Coconut Trees


The Luxury Of It All

Forget about failed launches, setting the same goal month after month, and feeling like you're glued to your phone.

Picture this instead:

You wake up to a slow coffee with your husband, do work that lights you up for a few hours before you take off to the gym.  Payment notifications going off while you're out living your life.  


You start each month already making $10k, $20k, $30k.. there's no need to scramble mid month to put together a new offer.

Your clients love you.  Your Instagram audience can't get enough.  Your views have never been higher.

(same with your bank account)

It's about time, isn't it?



I know what it feels like to wonder if it's actually possible to grow the business you dream of, the wild income, the life you picture in your Pinterest boards.. and still lead the slow life at home.  To be there for your family, and come back home to what's truly important at the end of the day.. 

The women I work with started their businesses with time freedom in mind..

But, somewhere along the way it was lost

*In exhausting launch plans

*In never ending content creation

*In failed programs and inconsistent income

There was nothing freeing about trying to hold the vibe, waiting for the next client to come through.  It was wrecking havoc on my nervous system, my relationship, I mean-- I technically had time freedom.. but is it really time freedom if you can't stop thinking about it behind the scenes?

That's why I decided to build something different for myself, and now I help my clients do the same. 


Imagine starting the month already earning $10k, $20k, $30k.. you book that vacation with your hubby bc you no longer need to scramble and throw a new offer together, you wake up every morning to new dream clients -- names you've never seen before.  You've started back at the gym, your relationship has never been better, you're no longer worried.  Blissful.   

If you are ready to stop spinning your wheels online and connect to a real plan you can rely on ..

Heading 6

When you're no longer guessing at your next move..

You go from this.. 

Launching constantly, bugging your audience, feeling defeated with diminishing results each time

Trying to pump out more & more content, stressing about the ever changing algorithm + your story views that are dropping.

Spending all day at your computer, scrolling around overwhelmed + paralyzed.

To this.. 

Starting your month already hitting $10k, $20k, even $30k for the month. Actually taking real vacations unplugged.

Waking up to DM's from the dreamiest clients + payment notifications as you make your morning coffee.

3 hr work days, weekends completely off, & time with your hubby completely unplugged.


Double + tripling her income.

success stories

"My life has changed drastically. And working with Britt has helped me get to where I am sooner. I am doubling and some months tripling my income." - Kate


She's always there to help.

"Brittney walks her talk. She's in your corner. She will change your life! And be there to hold your hand as you step forward and yes to more freedom, more income, more authenticity and more abundance in every area of your life." - Briony


IMG_1216 2.HEIC
Ready to get started?

It's time for your best year in business yet.

I cannot wait to welcome you to the program, the women in this space who are plugged in-- are thriving.  Here's to the new era of biz growth.

Your options for getting started:

Pay in full option $2997

Payment plan option $397/m

(12 monthly payments)


Join the Luxury Of It All
And Get:

Brittney logo-2.png

+ Full access to the business growth plans: lifetime access to the trainings, complete with step by step blueprints and frameworks to implement into your business quickly

+ The High End Community: a full year inside the community! This is not your typical boring Facebook group circa 2019.  This is a community experience like you've never seen it before-- you're going to love it and we can't wait to welcome you!

+ Monthly Kick Off Calls: for an entire year!  I know for sure, those who stay plugged in to elite level trainings + motivation go further and go faster.  This is your home for this for an entire year.  Business gets lonely, I know for sure I love having the right home like this in my business.

+Direct support and feedback from Brittney: without the 1 on 1 price tag.  Access weekly office hours to get support from yours truly or ask questions throughout the week anytime you need support inside our private community.  I intimately know everyones businesses inside the community, and cannot wait

to dive into yours with you!

This is how women are growing their business' in 2024- without the income dips, without the worry of where the next client is going to come from, without overloading their calendars.

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