You're meant to open up your DM's to messages of those who really want to be working with you, who are curious about what you do.  You're meant to log on to your laptop for a few hours to connect with your dream clients.  BUT there are a couple of things missing from your social media plan.

Don't worry though, I've got your back on this one.  Find out how the CEO babes are going from struggling online to growing their followings, client lists, and bank accounts.

How your missing AUDIENCE Factor is playing out on your social media...

*And what to do to shift this in a few easy steps

When this connector is missing it’ll feel like:


*You’re seeing that up and down movement on your account… always up 5 followers down 7… you know what I’m talking about, even though you don’t want it to bother you it feels stressful watching that number go up and down

*You’re researching the latest hashtags, and if we’re being honest you may have even felt like you’ve tried all the things to grow your account

*You and I both know this isn’t about a popularity contest for you… but the reality is more eyes on your things is going to inevitably lead to more business, that's just a basic math principle

This is exactly why we launched

The Social Growth Lounge

*And I have a special bonus offer for you

This is why 100's of my clients have moved from feeling like they're spinning their wheels online to results

I get it, when you do actually set aside time to work on it, it still takes forever to write a caption

And a lot of times you're second-guessing what you just posted or end up resorting to a Pinterest quote because it's a safe bet

You're caught between feeling like you're not doing enough online to get the results you want and at the same time not wanting to spend all day on it

What if instead you could spend an hour each month planning out exactly what you need to do

And get on with your day, sippin' your iced coffee with confidence, knowing that selfie you just posted wasn't a complete waste of your time. 


Stop spending all  night trying to write the perfect caption and get back to watching the Kardashians (or practicing your Tik Toks.. since we all know that's what most of us are doing)

There's a better way to run your social media...

So, how do you simplify this whole social media thing & create those results with ease?

*This isn't your typical Social Media plan where you're told to research more hashtags + DM all day long... snooze fest!


The Social Growth Lounge

*Your monthly support system to create

results with ease online

"Having Brittney's support was a GAME CHANGER for my business."

Hey, I'm Brittney

Your new IG bestie

Brittney Jones, better known as @brittneyceo online, is a global business leader who's trained thousands globally on online success.  Through her social media presence, she has built a thriving community of over 100k+ where she leads others through building online businesses. 


Brittney has built many in-demand courses, speaks to audiences at conferences worldwide and runs a weekly podcast "The Underestimate me Podcast". 


She was recently named Top Female Entrepreneur to follow for 2020.  Her approach online in the teaching space combines her business education, current strategies working in her own business' and clients alike, alongside elite-level mindset success strategies.

What You'll Find Inside

The Social Growth Lounge:

Monthly Planning Sessions:

Every month you'll get access to this exclusive training where we will be mapping out exactly what you need to be doing to grow your social media & start seeing results from your account.

Weekly Fresh Content Ideas

Have you ever seen that meme online that says "Tell me something harder than writing an IG caption... I'll wait"?  We get it.  Each week as a member you'll get FRESH content ideas.

Monthly Q+A Office Hours:

We run a full online marketing company where we work with 100's of companies worldwide in all types of industries.  You've got Q's and we've got A's for you.

We're breaking down the 5 pillars to

Social Media growth

*This program is designed to catapult your online experience & help you show up with ease each and every month online.  It's so much more than just the "things" you're creating - it's about how you show up for them too

Pillar 1: Your IT Factor

Pillar 2: The Connector

Pillar 3: Audience Growth

Pillar 4: Clarity + Ease

Pillar 5: Raving Fans

I believe in making it simple

*gone are the days of messaging 100 ppl a day on DMs.  You and I both know you don't love that

That's why on top of accessing our

Foundations Training

(the one that's going to help you with your missing AUDIENCE factor) you're getting:

*A Monthly Planning Session valued at $860

*Weekly Fresh Content Ideas valued at $497

*Monthly Q+A Session valued at $630

Normally, this program costs $67/month

But, I want to help as many people as possible to:

*Simplify their Social Media

*Grow their audience with ease

*And take their business to the next level

And there's no gimmicks.  You can cancel at any time.  Come join us for a month, get the help you need to work on Your AUDIENCE Factor & then decide if you want to stick around.

*let's face it, we've both spent $47 in worse ways.  I blink sometimes and spend that at Sephora..

*Cancel at any time

*Locked in at this low pricing for life

*Access all the trainings