Valentines Candy Board

Alright, this Valentine's Candy Grazing board turned out even better than we thought it would! Such a cute idea for valentines with your girlfriends this weekend - my sis and I had a blast designing this one.

What you're going to need:

*2 white coloured candies: we opted for yogurt covered pretzels and heart shaped marshmallows

*3 different shades of red candy: we grabbed the traditional gummy hearts, sugar coated lips, and pink oreos (strawberry flavoured- so damn good!)

*small chocolate bars: you could also take a dark chocolate bar and break this up into bigger chunks, highly recommend the Lindt dark chocolate and sea salt

*a candy with a bit of height: we went for heart shaped suckers but you could also do liquorice in this place

*jelly beans: just to fill your tray incase you have some empty spaces, again all pink

*we also added in some rainbow coloured sour strings... they're really long and just add another layer to the board

Probably going to make this more of a regular thing throughout the year... so fun!

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