My Skincare Tips

So many of you have been asking me to share my skincare routine so, I thought I’d follow up on my IG stories with some more tips over here.

Here’s my top 5 tips that I’ve been using recently in my skincare routine that are making ALL the difference in my skin… I’m seeing hardly any breakouts, and pretty much everyone in my DMs is commenting on my glowing skin… so I must be doing something right!

#1: Baby Wash Clothes

I got this tip off of The Skinny Confidential, I love her blogs… baby wash clothes are a lot more gentle on your skin, which means you won’t be ripping your skin when you’re washing your face (which can lead to wrinkles). They’re also just so soft and feel pretty luxurious. I grabbed mine off Amazon, in white… and even after rubbing mascara and foundation on them every single night, they’re still crisp white. I’m wash cloth kinda girl… I don’t know how y’all just throw water on your face to rinse off your cleanser without drowning your entire bathroom.

#2 Foreo (Travel Size)

This one is my favourite, you honestly can feel how clean your skin is after using this. I got mine from Sephora, and just got the travel version to start because I didn’t know if I would like it or not. I don’t think I’d recommend getting the bigger sizes, I feel like this is the perfect size to work around your eyes and nose. I use this every morning when I wash my face, and every night.

#3 Double Cleansing

This also made the biggest difference in the skin, this is something I’ve been doing for years- I’ve been a skincare junkie for a long time. This means at night time you’re going to do your cleanser step twice. This is even more important when you’re wearing makeup- and no, your makeup wipe doesn’t count as one of those cleanses. I use the foreo both times when I do this step.

#4 Wash your skin every morning and every night

This might seem obvious but are you being diligent with this? Again, this makes a massive difference… I’m not going to bore you with the science but while you’re sleeping, your skin turns over skin cells, you sweat in your sleep, etc. Doing your skin care routine morning and night will make a huge difference in that glowing skin. I can notice a difference in my skin when I miss a night and am being lazy with it! Have fun with this and make a little ritual out of it, get a cute set up in your bathroom for your skincare, light a candle at night and put on some good music… it helps.

#5 Vitamin C

Using a skin care system that has vitamin C has also helped a lot, the steps I always make sure I have are:



Eye Cream

Day Cream

Night Cream

*and then I’ll sub in face mask at night a few times a week after my cleanser

Right now I am using a facial oil after my toner every morning and night, and I’m loving it! This bottle lasts forever... my last bottle lasted well over a year!

I’ll list all my products I’m using below for you:

Baby Wash Clothes (amazon)

Jade Face Roller (Sephora)

Foreo (Sephora)

Anti Aging Skin Care Line (Arbonne)

Facial Oil (Arbonne)

Lip Mask Night (Kylie Skin)

Lip Mask Day (Sephora)

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