January Favourites

My January round up of fav products that you gotta get your hands on

1. My Farmacy Case

This cute case is to hold all of your fav essential oil rollers... from none other than Saje. I keep it in my purse now with their Allergy Release blend, Arrive Revived Jet Lag blend, and Sleep Well blend. Those are my 3 go to's when I'm traveling a lot and now they're not rolling around my purse. I grabbed the white case but the black case is just as cute. They're a holiday collection item so run fast and grab them here.

2. Vanity Mirror

I was on a hunt for a good vanity mirror that had different light settings on it for daytime and night makeup. You have to be careful buying just any vanity mirror because some of the poorer quality lights are def going to be a battle trying to blend your foundation. I grabbed this one off of amazon on a gamble and I actually love it. The lights work really well on all of the settings, and it's the perfect size for any makeup vanity desk. Check it out here.

3. Rainforest Diffuser Blend

I grabbed this blend just as a room scent and I am obsessed. I was never someone to actually remember to turn on her essential oil diffuser every morning... I pretty much look

forward to turning this on just as much as making my morning coffee. It smells amazing, and I have used it for pretty much a month straight and there is still tons left in the bottle.. I'm so impressed! Everyone the comes over compliments me on the scent so... winning.

Grab the bottle here.

4. Fix+ Matte

Y'all this one is relatively new to the MAC Cosmetics suite. (I'm not from the south but constantly try to pull off y'all lol) My skin is more on the oily side- which is hard because I'd rather just use cc creams instead of drying foundations... anyways, this version of Fix+ is helping so much. It's helping my makeup stay on longer, which is a battle if you have a little bit more oily skin. Check it out here.

5. Whirl Lip Liner

I grabbed this baby to go with my fav lipstick for the month.. and it's definitely a staple now for me. It goes with a ton of colours so you don't have to just stick to using it with this specific nude shade. Grab it here.

6. Creme de Nude Lipstick

I saw a few bloggers post about this one at the beginning of January so I grabbed it and it

did not disappoint. It's now my go to nude colour and had been my everyday colour for Jan.

See it here.

7. Liquid Sunshine Handsoap

Alright, I bought one of these in the fall on a whim and now I have stocked every sink in my house with these... and the day I went back into Saje to grab refills, my mom also stocked up and the lady at the MAC counter after I was raving about it lol so y'all need to run not walk to Saje and grab these. There's also a refill bottle you can buy to fill 'em up after your first round. Love these!

8. Vase In My Living Room

I grabbed this vase at Christmas time and wasn't totally sure of it... and now that I've switched the Christmas decor out of it and put in some spring branches... I'm in love. It's staying on the coffee table. I just popped some eucalyptus greenery in it for spring time (yes- I've skipped right ahead to spring decor and I'm not sorry about it). It's on sale right now so not sure if they'll be restocking it so, grab it up here.

9. No Orange Shampoo

This recommendation was from my hairdresser and every time I use it, I get compliments on my hair. This is a blue shampoo- not purple so you're going to get a different tone in your blonde from using this. If you're going for the icy blonde - I wouldn't recommend this shampoo. I'm over my icy blonde phase and just want a shade that's a little bit warmer without being brassy... this shampoo is actually a life saver. I leave it in for 10 mins (but warmed up to that, I started with just a few mins at first). I grabbed it at my hair salon but I also found it on amazon here for you.

10. St Tropez Gradual Tan

I was on the hunt for a gradual tan builder... and I love this one. I got it at sephora in the medium/dark colour... I don't use tanning gloves when I apply it and I've had no issues, I just wash my hands really well after. It hasn't been streaky for me either. I use it a few times a week to just keep a subtle glow, nothing too crazy. It's here for you to look at.

11. Tray for Coffee Table

This tray is modern farmhouse vibes, and I put a candle and that vase from above in the tray. It sits on my coffee table and I feel like it's straight out of an interior designer mag. It's from Urban Barn and you can grab it here.

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