How To Start Your Own Blog

When I say start your own blog, that could be a combination of a blog or instagram account. Either way- how do you start your own thing online? It’s a question I’ve been getting a lot lately and I think with the way this year has gone, it’s even more top of mind for so many people.

If you’ve been thinking about this for a while, following your fav influencers, watching them share their fav products, joining a few free classes here and there to learn more… I wanna help you take this dream to the next level and actually start it this time sis.

Because I have been there before… thinking about growing my own instagram account for years before I actually did. What held me back was:

*Feeling like I had “missed the boat”… that I should’ve started sooner, that there was already a lot of people doing it and I didn’t really have anything special or different to offer

*And I was deathly afraid of what people would think of me… which left me feeling like I didn’t really know what to say either, and kept me in a place where I never really put myself out there and got started.

Here’s my top 5 tips you need to know for starting your own Instagram Account:

1.You don’t necessarily need a blog or website to get started. Shocking, I know. But, I built my business to 6 figures before I even had a website… and countless of my clients have done the same! So, you can remove this from your to do list right now, and stop worrying that you haven’t completed that step yet. It’s not the most important thing you’ll create on your journey here.

2.You need to have an idea of the topics you’ll be covering, or the types of things you’ll be sharing most. This is sometimes referred to as your “niche” online… I hate calling it that, because it trips up a lot of people. So, instead I want you to think about it this way… what are the categories of things you’ll probably be sharing most? For example… fitness is currently not my thing lol I’m not on there forcing workout content… you get to be your own unique version of you online! You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing! I used to think because I didn’t have kids, I couldn’t do this. So, no matter what you feel like is holding you back right now, I promise what you want to talk about on your account is GREAT. There is a market for literally everything online… into disney? There’s an audience for you. Obsessed with stationary? There’s an audience for you. Love shopping? It’s there. Love fitness? It’s there. Hate fitness? It’s there lol Most important thing you want to nail down is what is your “magazine” here… what types of things will people typically come to your account for?

3.Get ahead of your photos, because this will end up being the number 1 reason down the road as to why you procrastinate/ don’t show up. Set aside a couple of hours this weekend and take some selfies for yourself. My biggest tip: prop your phone up against a railing or lamp (for example) and turn your camera on video mode, and walk and pose while on video. Then, you can go back to the video and screenshot the poses… and it will look like you had one of those fancy influencer photoshoots. Get a set of 8 photos to start and build on it from there.

4.Grab a preset (or more commonly known as a filter). Presets are the fancy filters that influencers use online over top of their photos. It gives them a consistent look online and what makes their accounts go from looking a little more junior to more experienced… basically, you’re going to look like you know what you’re doing long before you feel like you’re an expert. Having an overall cohesive look on your instagram is extremely important and I can’t stress that enough. The beautiful part is using these presets isn’t rocket science.. once you use them a couple of times, you’ll get the hang of it and it will be a breeze. You can buy these presets and they typically come with instructions, they run for about $30-50 but once you have them, you never have to buy them again. If you like my present I use on my account, you can buy my filters here for $19. It comes with all 8 of my filters and instructions on how to use them!

5.Plan out your content… either set aside time on sunday with your coffee for an hour or do this once a month, but plan out some posts you want to write and a few things you could share in your stories that week. It could be your shopping haul from last week, a recent amazon order, your fav family recipe from the week, a few tips, some inspo quotes you’re loving right now… whatever it is, write out some sort of plan for yourself. I know when you look at all of these influencers online, it feels like “Holy shit how do they stay on top of this and show up all the time?” … the secret is, they don’t. They spend a lot of time planning because otherwise things will come up throughout your week and you’ll forget to show up. My favourite app to use is planoly, you can use my referral code here to sign up. I recommend paying for the paid version of the account, the upgrade is worth it and will save you a TON of time. I promise.

I know that it’s scary and overwhelming to start- just remember that everyone was once a beginner too. But, if you want someone to teach you what to do and help you get started, I take on new clients each month to help them get started… and not only help you get started, but talk about making an income from this too. Because if you’re scrolling around on IG, you might as well be getting paid for it right? This isn’t a network marketing thing (although I have nothing against the industry). Let’s build you a beautiful IG account together, map out an income stream for you that you’re excited about, and build something for YOU. That you love to do, so you can design your own CEO life, whatever that happens to look like for you! For more information or to apply for a spot, click here.

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