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5 Health Shifts I've Been Making

There were a lot of areas in my life I feel like a flashlight has been shone on in the past couple months since having to stay home, and one of those areas was my health. I knew when I wanted to start focusing on this, it had to be different this time. I’m a person with my health who seems in the past to have always had the “all in” mentality… and well.. we both know that doesn’t have lasting results. These are 5 simple swaps I’ve been incorporating into my day since Q has been going on… and honestly, they’ve made a huge difference! It finally feels like for once I don’t have pressure to follow a strict plan and I’m still seeing really great results…. I need to preface with first though: you should always speak to your doctor before making any changes to your health/diet. Keeping the lawyers happy…

1) Keeping water beside my bed: I started putting a big glass of water beside my bed at night so that every single morning when I was making my bed, I had to drink the water before I left my room to go make my coffee… seems super simple but that hack of putting it beside my bed the night before helps me to not forget to do it every morning. I never get enough water as it is, so this definitely helps.

2)Fasting for 12hrs at night: I now fast for 12 hours at night, which gives my body a break from digesting food constantly. The way it works is: if I stop eating at 8pm, I don’t eat again until 8am… this includes putting stuff in my coffee. I thought this would be a lot harder to implement than it was, and I actually love doing this now. This is an immunity booster but also has a ton of other health benefits.

3)Getting more fibre in: I rotate between having chia seeds or ground flax seeds daily now. If it’s chia seeds, I’ll just sprinkle them on a sad or veggies… If I have a protein shake/smoothie that day, I’ll throw in a scoop of ground flax seed. You can’t even really taste it. Again, this is an immunity booster helps create healthy skin + hair + nails, reduces inflammation, there’s a whole list here of benefits.

4) Daily walks: I’m going outside for 30 mins a day minimum for a walk and I throw on a good podcast while I’m walking… my favs to listen to right now are: The Skinny Confidential + Amanda Frances And She Rises. Again, a really simple health hack but it was for sure something I was neglecting before.

5) Creating healthy swaps: with all of this extra time, I’ve been looking for healthier alternatives to swap out items in my day to day life… instead of removing it completely. I think when we start out on a health journey, a lot of us will take stuff away from our diets instead of adding things in or making swaps. But for me, this is about lasting results not a quick fix. I’ve found healthier patio drink swaps like The San Pellegrino’s I’m loving right now, recipe swaps on Pinterest for my fav meals to sneak in more veggies, and one of my current fav swaps is Smart Sweets. I’ve tried them before, but recently Smart Sweets sent me their line up of products to try out & share with you guys… and I’m obsessed with the peach rings. I have a sweet tooth so typically this always trips me up when I’m trying to eat healthier… PLUS this company is female owned and Canadian… so that makes me even happier to support!

For SmartSweets Orders, you can use the code: “ceobabe” at checkout for 10% off on orders over 30$

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