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target market and all the good things

Audio - Fill your inbox module
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How old is your client?

What is your ideal client’s home life like: married? Single? Relationship status? Children? Live alone? 

Where does your client live?

What does she value the most?

What’s their current career?

What do they do for fun?

What’s their income level?

How do they spend their money?

What do they think about at the end of the month?

WHat are their guilty pleasures?

Whats their dream life look like: travel, homes, closet?

Who do they look up to, think about thought leaders: Oprah, Tony Robbins etc

What does their day to day life consist of?

What do they wish they were better at?

What do they feel most insecure about or embarrassed about?

What keeps them up at night? What are they stressing about?

If they could pay money to change one thing about their life, what would it be?

What are their biggest fears with taking their next step in their life?

What do they search or look for insta when they’re having a bad day?

What do they binge watch on netflix?

What things do they like to look at online?

If money wasn’t a factor, how would they actually be spending their day?

Where is your ideal client on their journey right now?

What do they need?

How can you meet them where they’re at?  How can you speak their language?

How can you help them see that their desires are within reach?

How can you support them with what they need next?

How can you make this about them, not you?

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