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Module 2 - The Quick Start
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People often tell me that they feel stuck in their business or don't know what to

do or create next..

Or when they are feeling like what they are 'supposed to do' next is hard work and time consuming... and they honestly don't want to do it.

Here are some questions to move you through this so you can get out of this stuck feeling:

 Do you feel a desire or calling to do big things in your life & create change?

 Do you intend to do good things in the world or in your life?

Are you open to receiving inspiration to see what next steps you could take?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above...

 If you could tell people just ONE thing what would it be?

 Is there something that you get/know/understand that many other people have trouble with or suffer with?

 What process have you gone through in your own life to overcome these things?

 What would happen to those people above that are having trouble right now if you don't get a grip and do something?

And, what about this..

 If selling were really really easy, what would you sell/do?

 If sharing this or teaching someone your process was simple, what would you teach/do??

 What are the things about launching that you don't like doing?? (Are those really necessary things? If they are, how can you delegate them?)

 If doing the activity and selling got to be so so so easy, what would you actually be doing then?


Doesn't it feel good when you create something that people LOVE and sign up for and get incredible results?  Wouldn't that feel amazing? How would that feel??

Now write in your journal..

What would you have me sell/share/give to the world today?

*You have to expect that the answers will come to you

Here's the thing: give yourself grace, I don't always do this on the first of the month and sometimes I do this on the 20th of the month, that is okay.  


And I am at a point in my business where I don't have to repeat this monthly if I don't want to because I have money coming in recurring on payment plans BUT I know I have soultions that can help people... I know that there are people just like I was 2 years ago, that totally need my help.


And if this all gets to be easy, and I can do it whatever way feels good to me, with massive belief in it, then why wouldn't I put something out there??

Alot of times we are "waiting" for inspiration, to figure out what to do next.. but when we are waiting what's actually happening is:

We are resisting money coming in.

We are resisting our next level, and who we would become because of it.

We overcomplicate and make it hard so that we don't have to get uncomfortable & vulnerable and put ourselves out there online.
Simplify this process for yourself.  It gets to be easy.


But you have to want results for yourself.  You have to WANT to have clients, WANT to grow an income for yourself, and WANT to change your current circumstances/income level/life situation.

I love you and want this change for yourself

And I know you have everything in you to succeed

It's safe to be you and do the things you've always wanted to do

Now, go tell the world about it

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