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Your Homework

How will you show up as your higher self?


Questions to Answer


+who is your higher self 6 months from now?

(a clear description of yourself, start with a visualization, start with visualizing who you are in June, what does she look like, how is she showing up in her life and business, what success has she created?.. when you come out of the visualization write it down on paper.  take a few moments each day to visualize her.  Because then you can channel her before you get on calls, before you do your work, all of that.  I really want us to work on you stepping into this version of her.  How does she show up?)


+ how are you committing to showing up as her now?

there are so many little things you can do now to show up as her, the more you commit to showing up as her on a daily basis the quicker you will become her (little things: taking time to do my daily practice without feeling guilty about it, having more trust in your business and what you’re putting out there even if you might be hearing crickets at the moment knowing that & having the trust that it is going to work out you’re going to fully sell out)

+what are your intentions for the next 6 months ?

(this is whatever feels good for you.. I’m calling in 6 figures.. freedom.. and get clear on what that looks like to you

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