Instagram 101 Course

Learn how to simplify your IG, grow your followers, & get a solid plan

Are you afraid to post because you don't want people making comments behind your back?

Are you second guessing everything you go to post?

Does it feel like you're always up 5 followers and down 7?

And are you spending way more time online than you really want to?  I mean.. how are you supposed to fit it all in?

Hi, I'm Brittney

And I remember feeling like I was missing some secret on IG.  I was spending a lot of time on it, researching the best hashtags, trying to be engaging... 

And honestly, it felt like a waste of time most days.

I was struggling to just hit the 1000 follower mark, let alone get the swipe up feature.  Nobody was reaching out to work with me.  And the thought of copy + pasting DM's to grow my business made me feel sick to my stomach.

I also didn't want to look dumb in front of my family & friends, let's be real.

Here's what I want you to know: growing your business & selling online gets to be easy over on Instagram

Once I started showing up on my IG with a strategy (the same one I'm going to teach you) everything changed for me + my clients too.

I open up my inbox daily & have new people reaching out asking to work with me.  And I want the same for you.

Introducing: Instagram 101

A self-paced course, and the exact roadmap you need to start seeing results on your account

* Never wonder again.  Know exactly what you should be doing on instagram & when to start seeing your results turn around. (Yes, I only use Insta to grow my business)

*This course isn't like the others. I always felt like I was missing something, like there was some secret I wasn't getting when I took other people's social media courses.  Guess what, they never did show the whole picture. And that's exactly why I've put this all together for you- so you don't need to go searching anywhere else for answers.

*Take the leap forward.  There's no reason to feel like you're spinning your wheels getting nowhere anymore.  Because with this system, it's as good as me sitting beside you holding your hand.

The Course Breakdown

* 6 Modules of Video + PDF Content. 

To walk you through each step in my blueprint and explain each piece in depth. 

Modules include: 

- Module 1: The foundations.  Forget about the word algorithm, you won't need it.

- Module 2: Overview of your Account.  What needs to be in the bio, profile photos, etc.

- Module 3: What should you be posting.? We're talking all about the photo itself and the captions below it too.

- Module 4: How to grow your account & really grow your followers

- Module 5: The best auto pilot tool you'll ever use to make your life hella simple

- Module 6: Stories and IG TV

*Lifetime Access to the Content. 

Don't have the time time to go through everything right now?  Know that you'll likely want to come back for a refresher at some point? No problem.  Your login will never expire.  Come back as often as you need.

*All Future Updates. 

Listen, social media is always evolving, there will always be new updates (remember when we didn't have stories on IG?)  You'll learn the foundations in this course that really can be applied to any social media channel no matter what happens BUT I'll also be in here updating the modules for you as Instagram changes.


Bonus access to my course: Sell from the Heart on Social Media.  Where I dive into fears of showing up online, how to get over what others are thinking of you and sell from your heart.  This course is no longer publicly available, and an exclusive bonus.


"Before working with Brittney, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of how social media worked...boy was I wrong! Through working with Brittney, I learned that our social media is so much more than some pretty pictures. There is a strategy and method that must be understood in order to make social media work for your business. I think in the back of my head I always knew this, but was too scared to approach it, fearing that I wouldn't be able to grasp how to make this work for my particular business. After one week of working with Brittney, that fear completely disappeared.  In my business today, almost all of my clients come straight through my social media and this was all a direct result of working with Brittney and learning her expertise. The amount of knowledge she has about the ever changing industry is astounding and her approach to making these methods more understandable to the average folk, makes her the absolute best in the game to work with. "

- Danielle Marchese


"Brittney's Instagram course is PURE GOLD! I started my account in May of 2018 for my new health and fitness coaching business.  I took Britt's course in July of that year and realised I was literally doing EVERYTHING wrong! I did a complete IG makeover and started actually growing my account!  Putting her systems into action, I grew my account from a couple hundred people to over 10k in 6 months! I 110% recommend taking her course if you want to crush your instagram!"

- Laura Zinck


"Having Brittney’s support was a GAME CHANGER for my business. I’ve been following Brittney for a while now and when I wanted to work on my Instagram strategy I knew she was the only person I wanted to work with. Brittney is so incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to social media - she is literally my Instagram guru and always has an answer to every single one of my (many) questions. I love how approachable and helpful she is and I know this support can’t be duplicated elsewhere. As a result of hiring Brittney I’ve gained more clients, brand deals and sought-after podcast guests. I know I will work with her again in the future to continue to evolve my social media presence and my brand/business as a whole. If you are thinking about working with Brittney, DO IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! She is the best at what she does and your brand, business and bank account will forever thank you."

- Kelly Marcyniuk


"Brittney’s social media strategies are easy to follow and very straightforward.  They work.  And I feel confident about my social media presence because of her help.  Weekly we get calls booked and new clients come through social media.  It’s a really great feeling to show up on social media as an influencer with all of your help!  I love it! You are so good, efficient, smart and helpful.  And most of all- the strategies work!"

- Danielle Amos



* I'm new to my business, will this help me?

 Absolutely.  It doesn't matter what level of business you are currently at, the modules are relatable to anyone at any level

*What is your refund policy? Due to the nature of this being a digital course, there is a strict no refund policy.. there's really no way to tell if people are abusing it.  That being said though, please email me if you ever have questions. 

*Can you guarantee specific results?  I believe fiercely in my work and the transformations I have seen time and time again.

Here's what my lawyers need me to say: I do not guarantee or warrant results or increased income.  The testimonials on this page many not be typical for all students.  Results are based on each individual's skill level and own efforts.

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