Call #3

Money Mindset Homework:

+ Clean up your money leaks!

What is unpaid that you need to pay/dispute/follow up on/take care of?(Examples: parking tickets, toll road bills, etc)

What random unnecessary auto-drafts happen that you don't feel good about? (Cancel them or change how you feel about them. We are removing any worry/franticness around money your mind/energy.)


What can you do throughout the day as you have money mindset leaks

(Affirmations I use: There's more money where that came from, Everytime I go live I have 2 new clients, I always have more than enough money to save and do fun things,)


+ Make a MONEY gratitude list each day!



+layering on the next layer with the follow up after you create a free offer (free pdf, free webinar, 3 day class etc)

+outline what your follow up sequence is for your free offer and implement it

see my guide below I use to map out this entire sequence


Please share below:

1) What affirmation you are using for your money mindset throughout the day

2) An overview of the follow up strategy you are going to use