Call #1

Homework Money Mindset:

*Make a list of your money memories + money mindset history- note new memories that come to mind throughout the week as you complete this exercise

*rewrite these money beliefs: disprove the belief, and write the new story for yourself

*forgive anyone you may need to forgive throughout this process (in your journaling), knowing they were doing the best they knew at the time

*declutter your physical space

Key note: clearing the past makes room for new desires to take form in your current life

Homework Strategy:

Get clear on who you are helping and why they need your help


+If you could help anyone in the world, who would you help and how would you help them?

+ What has your own transformation story been?

+ Get clearer on your ideal cleint.  Make a list of her hopes/fears/desires

+Is there one person who comes to mind right now who you know would benefit from your programs/services?

+What do you want their transformation to be from working with you?  How can you get even more specific here?  Look at their business, income and lifestyle transformation


+ Observe what fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs are coming up for you

+How do your potential client's lives change when you help them?

+What limiting beliefs do you have around your abilities to help them?

+List all the things that qualify you to help others.  List every life experience, class, training, breakup etc that taught you something that others need to know


+What do you believe your ideal client needs to hear from you?  Make a list of potential topics, posts, resources, ideas you could create for them.  What ones are standing out to you most?