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gifts for the bossbabe in your life

If you're a bossbabe too, you're probably going to wanna grab up a few of these for yourself..

No shame, when I'm out Christmas shopping I'm normally like: "You know who'd LOVE this? Me."

*And then my mom's left wondering what to buy me every single year (sorry mom).

I've rounded up my top picks for the bossbabe in your life and honestly, these are all products I LOVE as a bossbabe.

And I've done my best to keep these all affordable, most of the items on this list are well under $60, with my fav splurge item coming in at $100.

Top 14 Picks for The Bossbabe in Your Life

1. Chill Essentials Kit ($35)

*This kit will take your bossbabe's self care to theee next level.  Kismet is a beautiful brand from Vancouver and they have quickly become a staple in my daily routines.  This kit comes with their black lava soak, and Wild One Restoring Mist Spray (which is a palo santo spray... aka brings in all the good vibes.  I spray it all f*cking day)

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2. Mala Bracelet ($18.75)

*These Mala bracelets are so beautiful, and I love the look of stacking these.  Each bracelet has a different meaning to help you centre your thoughts and create intention in your day. The creator Fiona encompasses high vibe intention into every piece she creates. I have one of her Mala necklaces as well... and honestly, you need one! It's gorgeous and I use it every morning in my intention setting.. it's making a difference in my mornings!

Find on Instagram @freckledfacebohemianbeauty

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3. Day Dreamer Misting Spray ($19)

*This is another fav from Kismet Essentials, this relaxing mist can double as a facial toner or room spray.  I've also been spraying this on my pillow at night to manifest all the good things while I sleep.  It's made of 100% natural ingredients, and if you're grabbing this as a gift, I'd add a second one for yourself.  It's another one I use daily.

Find on Instagram @kismetessentials

On Facebook @Kismet Essentials

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4. Cell Phone Stand ($8)

*This one's an amazon gem, and honestly at first I didn't think I had a use for this BUT I have found that I'm grabbing my phone less throughout the day with this baby.  All the feels for getting that screen time down.  

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5. Smart Water Bottle ($59)

*It's just not your average water bottle and boujie AF so of course I had to include it in my round-up.  This b*tch glows to remember you to hydrate.  


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6. Affirmation Cards ($43)

*this affirmation card deck is from love powered co... and I have to tell you: number 1, this is the most beautiful deck of affirmation cards I have ever seen.  I am also extremely impressed with the quality, you can tell they truly care about your entire experience with their deck.  They have a beautiful mission and these cards totally deliver on that.  Every single morning I have been starting my day off with their cards.  I pour a cup of coffee, light my fav candles and pull a card from their deck.  Every card has a beautiful message

and really sets the tone for my day.

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7. The comfiest slippers ($24)

*these are perfect for the bossbabe's home office.  I actually have a version of these in black and I 10/10 recommend getting a different colour other than black LOL my place has f*cking black fuzzies everywhere.  Next time, I'll be ordering this colour.

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8. Eco Friendly Candle ($25)

*I'm pretty sure I have Dreem Candle Co's entire candle collection, and I love every single one of them.  All of their candles are 100% natural and made of coconut wax (praise!).  The owner is the sweetest lady I have ever met and has such a passion for her candle business, it's inspiring.  Ps canadian made!

Find on Instagram @dreemcandleco

On Facebook @ Dreem Candle Co

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9. Organic Coffee Soap Bars ($7.50)

*This quick pick me up and exfoliation bar is exactly what is needed in any self-care regime. Owner Rosalie has taken her signature coffee scrub and transformed it into this dreamy bar. It is also super easy to travel with this holiday season and the perfect way to recharge.

Find on Instagram @georgieandco_

On Facebook @ Georgie and Companyca

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10. Airpods Case ($8)

*These were recommended by one of my fav influencers and I love them, they're cute and spice up that airpods look everyone has.  Also, the clip makes them easy to find in my bag, just sayin'.  They come in a few different colours but the mint is my fav look.

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11. Makeup Brush Set ($100)

*Okay, this is my splurge item on the list BUT I am a total makeup geek and these are the nicest brushes I have ever used.  I felt like I had been just collecting random brushes for the past 10 years and never really had a *good* complete set... and this Artist Approved brush set did not disappoint!  I have literally thrown out all my other makeup brushes.

Find on Instagram @artistapproved

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12. The Confident Apparel Tee ($25)

*Francesca is the owner of The Confident Apparel (you can find her on insta @the_confidentbabe) and not only is she the sweetest human being, she's the creator of this badass apparel line, and this T "Babes Supporting Babes" is GORGEOUS.  Your bossbabe is gonna love it.


Find on Instagram @the_confidentbabe

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13. Greeting Card ($6.50)

*These beautiful hand made cards are the perfect gift for any stationary lover.  This thank you greeting card is also the perfect way to express your gratitude and a little something to your hostess gift. With beautiful calligraphy, handmade Italian paper, a grey square envelope, and a self-adhesive wax seal it, vibey is an understatement here.  I don't think I have seen more beautiful cards.

Find on Instagram @courtneyrosedesign

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14. Blush Tassel Garland ($30.00)

*The ladies at Perfect Party in a Box have you covered for all your holiday party needs. This Blush Tassel Garland is also perfect for your New Years party. They even have party planning boxes, that show right up at your door with everything you need, giving you the time to spend with your loved ones this holiday season. 


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