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gifts for the basic b in your life

Whether you are the basic b (hi, welcome to the club bi*ch) or are lucky enough to have one of us in your life... these gifts are going to make her just as happy as she was when the Starbucks Christmas cups came out this year.


Okay, maybe not that happy

but it'll come close. 

You know what I hate more than anything?

When you're searching for a recipe online but Karen has to give you her f*king autobiography about how this delicious mac and cheese came to be and the entire family's life story.

Exactly, you know what I'm talking about.

Just give me the damn recipe, I already hate cooking as it is, and you're slowing down the process lady.

So, I promise to cut this BS in this blog and just give you exactly what you need... sound good?

1. Rose´ Gummies ($10)

*I don't think I even need to explain these.  There are a few different brands that offer these, my favs are from SugarSin.  Canadians- you can sometimes find this brand at Indigo.

Find them on Instagram @sugarsin

Buy now (UK Only)


2. Vinyl Lip Lacquer ($24)

*by Artist Approved in the colour "Forever".  You guys the owner is a SWEETHEART and she is a fellow Canadian girl who has created her own makeup brand and this lip lacquer is to die for.  I get tons of compliments on this colour, and you can't beat this price for a good lippy.


Find them on Instagram @artistapproved

Facebook @ Artist Approved

Buy Now from

3. Kitisch Hair Clips ($29 for 2)

*I have these hair clips in the extra-large clip size, these are the medium clips and would be super cute for any holiday parties.  This is from the Kitisch x Justine Marjan Collab... that might mean nothing to you but, your basic b will be all over this influencer collab.

Find them on Instagram @mykitsch

Facebook @ my kitsch

Buy Now from

4. Lipstick ($24)

*by Artist Approved, if you're going to grab up that lip lacquer above, I'd recommend pairing it with this lipstick in the colour "Petal Pink".  It's a really good go-to everyday combo, your basic b will get a lot of use out of this.

Find them on Instagram @artistapproved

Facebook @ Artist Approved

Buy Now from


5. Davines Texturing Spray ($34)

*Typically you can find this brand at your fav hair salon but if not, it's linked above for you.  Guys... this is a game-changer product.  I use it pretty much every day.

Find them on Instagram @davinesnorthamerica

Facebook @ Davines North America

Buy Now from


6. Olaplex No. 3 ($38)

*this is the olaplex hair mask... and even if your basic b already uses this, she'll be happy to have another to stock up on.  If you have never used this mask before.. it's pretty much magic in a bottle.  I swear this saved my blonde hair that was pretty much turning to straw.  If you're feeling generous, you could get her the whole olaplex line ;)

Find them on Instagram @olaplex

Facebook @ Olaplex

Buy Now from


7. My Tea Drop, Glow ($10)

*this tea is made to create glowing skin... so again, a no brainer.

I actually originally found this brand as Indigo, you may have luck there in store, otherwise, it's linked above!

Find them on Instagram @myteadrop

Facebook @ my teadrop

Buy Now from


8. Gimme Beauty Starter Kit, ($25)

*Originally, I bought just the hair elastics to sample because some of my fav bloggers had mentioned it.  They're totally worth the price and I wish I had've just bought this starter kit from the get-go.  A lot of hair elastics claim that they don't break your hair... but it's hard to find that balance between having a hair elastic that actually works and doesn't break your hair.  JUST. GET. THESE.  They actually work.  And hold your hair without ripping it.


Find them on Instagram @gimmebeauty


Buy Now from

9. Artist Approved Lashes, ($20)

*in the style Cassandra.  These lashes are by Artist Approved and SO beautiful.  If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have tried so many versions of lashes.. I have to say these are by far my favourite when it comes to glue on lashes.  The Cassandra lashes are definitely Glam so they will be my go to for all of my holiday parties.


Find them on Instagram @artistapproved

Facebook @ Artist Approved

Buy Now from artist

10. BiteBeauty Lip Mask, ($34)

*You can grab this baby at Sephora, and this would be the "clean" dupe to the Laneige lip mask.  Obsessed with this version.

Find them on Instagram @sephora

Facebook @ Sephora Canada

Buy Now from


11. Sparkle Ball Stud Earrings, ($80)

*I have had these earrings for a couple of years now.. they work with every outfit and I still get tons of compliments on them.  Plus, I love Hillberg and Burke, they're all about women changing the face of business... and I'll cheers to that.

Find them on Instagram @hillbergandberk

Facebook @ Hillberg and Berk

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12. Organic Coffee Scrub, ($12)
*Who said coffee was only about your favourite holiday mug. This organic and clean scrub is every bit of dreamy as your favourite cup of coffee. Each scrub is organic and locally sourced. It helps brighten your skin, reduces puffiness, and packed with rich antioxidants. This dreamy scrub should last you about 6-8 uses and it's quickly become one of my favs in the shower.


Find them on Instagram @georgieandco_

Facebook @ Georgie and Company ca

Buy Now from

13. Sugar & Spice Shower Steamer, ($5)

*This handmade Shower Steamer from Zombear Writes is created with the utmost care, and the dreamiest ingredients. Once you place this in your shower you will be steaming in beautiful aromas, that will take you on a heavenly journey. And I promise you'll wanna stay in the shower all day with this one!


Find them on Instagram @zombearwrites

Facebook @Zombear Writes

Buy Now from

14. Sunday Morning, ($30)
*If you are like me, you love Sunday mornings. There is just something so easy about them, and super relaxing. This candle encompasses that whole vibe, with scents of grapefruit, dill and black raspberries with vanilla, it is no wonder this is their #1 bestseller. It is all-natural soy wax and a lead-free wick that will burn for 50 hours.

Find them on Instagram @juneandrosecandleco

Facebook @ June and Rose Candle Co

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